Why am I doing this?

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(Français) Hier était une difficile journée et j’ai eu quelqu’un pour m’aider. Ce matin, je me réveille en me disant qu’aujourd’hui est une nouvelle journée et que tout vas bien aller… Et bien, ça n’a pas été le cas.

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(Français) Jour 2

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(Français) Je me réveille vers 7h30, et je constate que j’ai mal partout. Je ne me suis pratiquement pas entrainer dans les trois dernières semaines parce que j’avais trop de choses à faire pour préparer mon départ

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First day on the road

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In another post, I’ll share to you how I finally left with peace of mind. I mean, almost! The last 3 days before my departure were more like a sprint than a marathon, and without the help of a few extraordinary people, I would have never been able to leave this morning!

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Reality check, 13 days!

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As you can imagine, the closer I get to D-Day, the more I see how much needs to get done before I can go. I keep checking thins off my list, yet I keep adding new things I didn’t think of until now.

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Thank you ladies!

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Thought of the day (1041)

Yesterday turned out to be an amazing day! It did not start that way. As D-Day approaches, I am getting more anxious, things I didn’t think of start to come up, and things that were planned suddenly don’t work out. One example, there was a possibility a friend of mine …

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